It’s Time To Stop and Smell These Roses

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It’s Time To Stop and Smell These Roses

It is interesting how gardening, like fashion goes in cycles and what was once out of fashion is now in again.

With the resurgence in popularity of some of the old plants species such as Dahlias and Roses it is time to look at what is new and exciting in the world of roses. When one is contemplating adding a classic rose to the garden, David Austin Roses should be the first choice on everyone’s list. David Austin has been breeding roses for over 50 years and has produced some of the finest roses ever imagined, with fragrances that will stop everyone in their tracks. Whether one is just starting out in gardening or an expert, these fine roses are the perfect addition. Not only are English roses very winter hardy, disease resistant and very suitable for our coastal marine climate but they are also amazing for fresh flower arrangements. Who wouldn’t want their very own cut flowers straight from the garden.

Although it is hard to pick a favourite with all of the varieties available I have selected three that are excellent to start with:


Graham Thomas Climbing Rose

‘Voted the World’s Favourite Rose’ this climbing rose has large blooms with a unusual shade of yellow. It has a lovely tea fragrance with a hint of violets and will rebloom throughout the summer. If you only have room for one climbing rose this would be it.


Munstead Wood

This repeat flowering rose with large velvety crimson blooms has very exceptional fragrance with fruity notes of blackberry, blueberry and damson. This smaller species (2-3’ tall) is suitable for both pots and containers. Great for cut flowers, easy to grow and disease resistant.



Harlow Carr

This smaller shrub (4’x4’) rose recently introduced produces perfectly shaped, fragrant fully double pink flowers all summer long. The strong ‘Old Rose’ fragrance reminds one of the old rose based cosmetics. Suitable for individual planting or for small hedges and borders. Great for cut flowers as well.



The following David Austin Roses are available this spring at Cedar Rim Nursery:

  • Abraham Darby
  • Bishop’s Castle
  • Charles Darwin
  • Charlotte
  • Claire Austin
  • Falstaff
  • Graham Thomas
  • Harlow Carr
  • Heathcliff
  • Lady of Shalott
  • Lichfield Angel
  • Munstead Wood
  • Princess Alexandra of Kent
  • Queen of Sweden
  • Sophy’s Rose
  • Teasing Georgia
  • The Dark Lady
  • The Lady Gardener
  • The Poet’s Wifer
  • Winchester Cathedral
  • Wisely 2008
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