The Fall Porch Package

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Decorate for Fall in 5 Easy Steps with our Fall Porch Package!

Come on in and pick up your porch package today!

Only $39.99

The Fall porch
package includes…

  • 2 x Mums 10”
  • 3x Small Gourds
  • 1 x Bale of Straw
  • 2 x Corn Stalk Bundles
  • 2 x Orange Pumpkins
Please note that the Porch Package contents are subject to availability and may change – but don’t worry, it will always be one AMAZING deal at $39.99!
The porch package will be available starting September 13th

*Please note, not everything pictured is included in the Porch Package*

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Also: Pre-order our Winter Porch Package that will be available for pickup in November

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