Seeds and Bulbs

At Cedar Rim Nursery we carry an extensive line of seeds and bulbs specifically for the Pacific Northwest.

Garden BulbsSeeds

Visit us in early spring to see a large collection of vegetable, herb and flower seeds from a variety of different lines. By carrying this variety we are able to offer seeds specifically for our climate, organic options, as well as non-GMO seeds.

Don’t worry, we also carry all of the trays, starter soil, peat pucks, and labels you will need to start your seeds this spring.

Grass Seed

Grass Seed

If you feel like your lawn needs a pick-me-up, we have a variety of grass seeds catered towards our west coast climate. Pick from blends specifically for sunny, shady, and high traffic areas to ensure successful germination and help to combat the growth of weeds.

We also carry a variety of lawn fertilizers for your grasses specific needs throughout each season, which helps to ensure healthy growth and recovery after stress from both winter and summer weather.

If you need a hand spreading this grass seed or lawn fertilizer we carry a large selection of handheld and push spreaders to ease the pain of lawn maintenance.

Spring Bulbs

Spring Bulbs

Visit us in early spring to pick up your summer flowering bulbs for your garden beds and planters. Summer flowering bulbs that are available in early spring include dahlias, calla lilies and canna lilies -all of which are great for cut flowers. Also, if you remove these bulbs from the ground in fall before frost, you can plant them again the following spring.
While you’re in picking up your summer blooming bulbs, don’t forget to pick up your onion sets, potatoes, and garlic, which can be harvested in late summer or fall.

Fall Flower Bulbs

Fall Bulbs

There is no better way to brighten up your garden or planters in early spring than spring flowering bulbs. Plant these bulbs in fall for bright pops of colour from early spring into early summer. Choose from a large selection of tulips, daffodils, alliums, and many others to “cheerify” your beds and planters.

Fall bulbs also provide you with the option to “cheerify” your home with indoor bulbs. Choose from a large selection of hyacinths, paperwhites, as well as amaryllis to add some sparkle to your home for the holiday season.

Lastly, don’t forget to plant fall garlic. Garlic bulbs that are planted at this time of year will be much larger than spring planted garlic, both of which are harvested at the same time of year.

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