Looking for an instant pop of colour for the garden?

There is no easier way to add colour to your garden than with annuals. There are a variety of annuals that will give you colour throughout different seasons.


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How to Prepare Your Soil

To prepare a bed or container for planting annuals, you must first look at the soil you are planting in. It is a good idea to add compost or fertilizer before planting and after as needed. It is also important that your soil be well-drained, as most annuals will not respond well to being too moist.

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What Annuals Should You Select

2016-06-09 3686When selecting your annuals, it is important that you choose the appropriate varieties for the exposure of your garden or planters. Some annuals require full sun while others require full shade and it is key to plant these annuals in the appropriate environment.

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The Correct Time to Plant Annuals

Confetti Annuals-ThumbWhen deciding when to plant you annuals, remember that most are quite tender, meaning they will not perform well at temperatures close to freezing. A general rule for safe planting of your tender annuals is after the May Long weekend.

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How Much Water Do Annuals Need

IMG_1488It is important to water your annuals on a frequent basis. They will generally need to be watered 2-3 few times per week, but this can increase to every day during the heat of summer. Remember, you also do not want to overwater, as this can be more harmful than not enough water.

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How to Fertilize Your Annuals

To ensure flowering throughout the season, fertilize your annuals once a week with an all-purpose water-soluble fertilizer as well as a granular fertilizer at the beginning of the season. This will ensure your annuals best performance.

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