Groundcovers are often described as a carpet for the outdoors.

Groundcovers are a great way to finish off a landscape not only to provide flower and foliage colour but also to help prevent weeds in the garden. They are available in both sun and shade loving types with many even being a suitable lawn replacement.

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How to Fertilize

Fertilize your groundcovers with an all purpose fertilizer in spring and early summer. Many groundcovers are extremely durable and have no need for extra feeding.

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How to Plant

If planting a larger area, space each plant between 12” and 18” apart depending on vigorousness and container size.

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When to Plant

The best times to plant your groundcovers are spring and fall. It is also acceptable to plant in summer, just make sure they are irrigated well.

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Diseases and Pests

Make sure your groundcovers are in the proper location, as many of them are susceptible to root rot.

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