April To Do List

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April To Do List

If you are lucky enough to own a greenhouse  you can get a jumpstart on the season by planting your tomatoes and hanging  baskets now. Started plants are beginning to arrive daily.

Potatoes can be started now. We offer over  20 varieties to choose from.

Plant peas, cabbage, broccoli & other  cool season vegetables. Lettuce & spinach will benefit from some frost  protection.

Plant fruit trees, strawberries,  raspberries, gooseberries, currants, blueberries and other small fruit this  month. Cedar Rim has an extensive selection to choose from. Try our 3 in 1  combination blueberry or a fruit salad tree, which grows apricots, peaches and  plums all on the same tree!

We also sell Mason bees and their houses to  aid with fruit tree pollination.

Pansies, violas, English daisies,  wallflowers & potted spring flowering bulbs are readily available and give  a burst of spring to containers or garden beds.

Fertilize perennials with Garden Pro 20-20-20  all-purpose fertilizer or Organique 3-2-5 or alternatively mulch  garden beds with Sea Soil compost which is on sale until April 17/11 for  $5.88/32L bag.

Fertilize roses with Garden Pro  8-14-12 or Organique 2-3-5 or mulch with Sea Soil compost as  mentioned above.

Bait hostas, ligularia & other  susceptible plants for slugs.

Check rhododendrons for weevil damage. You can use nematodes to combat this troublesome pest  (Should be in stock by April 8th).

Spring cleanup: start/continue weeding the  garden, trim boxwood and conifer hedges as required.

Power rake, top dress, seed & aerate  your lawn if needed. Apply de-moss product if this is an issue.

With the colder weather in March – April, now looks like the best time to apply moss killer: Moss Killer is made from Iron so it is safe to use, it is not a pesticide.

Apply 28-4-8 lawn fertilizer or 9-2-4 organic  alternative.

Cut back spent daffodil blooms but leave  the foliage to die down naturally. Planting a daylily such as Stella d’Oro or  another taller variety in front of the daffodil patches helps to conceal the  dying bulb foliage as it grows up in front.

Purchase summer bulbs – to get a head start  on growth, dahlias and cannas are best started indoors or in a frost free space  in a 6” pot in April and planted out into the garden in May.  Our springs can be too rainy causing the  ground to stay cold and wet which often causes the bulb to rot. It is best to  purchase your bulbs this month though as selection will be limited in May.

Prune spring flowering shrubs that require  this maintenance after they have finished flowering, apply an all-purpose 6-8-6  fertilizer or mulch with compost.

Take a look at your garden beds and  formulate a plan of any improvements you would like to make. We offer a  tremendous selection of trees, shrubs, perennials, grasses or annuals and  plenty of friendly, knowledgeable advice to help you make informed choices.

Vegetable seeds and flowering annuals can  still be started now and we have an extensive seed selection to help you get  started.

Fertilize & check your indoor plants  regularly for pests. We have new tropical plants arriving weekly now, so if you  are looking to replace or add some indoor plantings it is the ideal time to do  so.

Prune back grasses such as Pennisetum & Miscanthus before new growth starts.

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